We haven’t been shy about the fact that we want the Firehouse to be the Des Moines Social Club’s permanent home. Take a look at what the community has been saying online about the Firehouse efforts. Let these posts inspire you to spread the word among friends and on social media — to let your family and friends know what an asset the Des Moines Social Club can and will be to the greater Des Moines community in the Firehouse. Our¬†movement expands beyond the walls of any building, but a permanent home will help us fuel the movement to the next level. Sign the petition today and feel free to share your passion and excitement on social media!


Take a look at the Firehouse buzz on twitter:





































We’ve also had a great number of responses on our petition site. If you haven’t signed the petition yet, do it now! Here’s some responses from Iowans about the role of the Des Moines Social Club on their lives¬†


And, be sure to read this awesome blog post by Dave Murphy, Don’t Treat Me Bad – Help the Des Moines Social Club Secure the Firehouse.