Welcome, true believers, to the inaugural post of the new DMSC blog. One more way for us to talk with you about what’s going on not only at the Club, but also out and about in the arts and culture scene here in The Moines.

I’m Matt McIver, the Artistic Director for DMSC, and I’ll be chiming in here occasionally, and introducing you to lots of other voices of folks who make this the greatest arts organization in the world, or at least in the Kirkwood building. So please do follow and fire off fabulous flights of fancy for future posts!

The Don’t-Miss this week is the Repertory Theatre of Iowa‘s acclaimed production of Tartuffe. Few things are funnier than French frauds, and this production is laugh-out-loud funny, with direction by Matt Foss in his RTI debut and a swingin’ sixties-ish setting by Jay Jagim. I’ll be there Friday at 7:30 and you should be sure to catch it then, or Saturday at 7:30 or Sunday’s 2pm matinee (because nothing says fun like theater in the daytime).

Thanks so much for your support, and to all the folks who give so much to help us be great in Des Moines. All the folks who came to our annual Food For Thought dinner, our Small Donor campaign Givers and all the folks who are giving to our Birdies for Charity drive at the Principal Charity Classic–you rock. (If you want to get in on the Birdies, click here.) The DSMC is what it is because amazing people like you create daily awesomeness.  Thanks for reading, and look for more updates soon!