It’s time to act! Please show your support for the Des Moines Social Club to secure the Firehouse by signing the petition. And tell your friends to sign it too! Post it to your Facebook, send tweets, and message your email lists. Sound. Your. Siren.

Thanks to everyone that has been sharing information about the Firehouse! Here are a couple awesome blog posts, we think you should read. Let’s make this happen!

Don’t Treat Me Bad – Help Des Moines Social Club Secure the Firehouse – by Dave Murphy – But here is the most important thing about DMSC. I learned a lot about various art, but I mostly learned a lot about myself and what I was capable of. I still have a long way to go, but I wouldn’t be as far along now if it weren’t for them. I also have made life long friends and family. People that I know and love and trust. Even though I was the most novice person there, I was never excluded or made to feel stupid. I was encouraged and pushed and loved, in return. Zack Mannheimer always likes to tell about how he found Des Moines to be the best city for his vision. For me, it was his vision that helped me find Des Moines, or at least the Des Moines I never knew actually existed. This Des Moines, in turn, helped me find myself. I fell in love with my hometown, and it loves me back. And that is pretty awesome.This is why we need DMSC. We need it to help more people who don’t know what they’re looking for, but they know they’re looking for something. We need DMSC to help them find it. Read the full blog post.

Before the Sirens to Keep Des Moines COOL – by Shawn Harrington – The next steps to escalate a more vibrant city around us are not months or years away, they’re positioned to happen right now! The Des Moines Social Club has a major opportunity in the next few weeks to secure its long-term home if the City of Des Moines is ready to show that they are also on board.The Situation: The decision of whether or not DMSC gets the Firehouse is not up to you or me, it is in the hands of your elected city leaders.So now what? These city leaders need to know that we want this to happen, so we need to make noise and get their attention before the June 25th Council Meeting.Action Steps: As yesterday’s letter from Zach points to, it’s time to start posting, write letters to the editor, use your own social media and spread the word in the next 2 weeks.The fight for the Firehouse is real. Stay tuned in, we’ve got more plans heading your way next week. Its time to sound your siren people! Read the full blog post.