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Heather Matson joined the DMSC team this winter and has been an asset ever since! She is a Rhode Island native and moved here with her husband so that he could attend DMU to complete his medical training, at that time the plan was to be here for fours and move on but the two feel in love with our beautiful state and have been ever since! Heather is a mother of nine-year-old twins, whom she describes as the loves her life, they are full of energy and keep her on her toes.


After earning her Bachelor’s degree from Western New England College in government, Matson moved to Washington D.C. where she started her career and earned her Master’s degree in legislative affairs from George Washington. Her love of government and legislature made running for office a natural transition. Matson ran for State Legislature last cycle, although she did not win the position Heather looks back on this experience fondly, “ I’m really proud of the campaign itself because I did everything that I could do, I did everything that I said was going to do and talked to a lot of amazing people in the district, I door knocked like crazy, talked to a lot of amazing people and raised a lot of money and did everything that we could feasibly… sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t and unfortunately it was just one of those things where the year wasn’t going to be in my favor and that’s the way it goes. I’m really proud of it because of how I conducted it and that I knew that when I finished my supporters could be proud of me”.


When the DMSC posted about needing to fill the position of Development Director, a spark lit in Heather’s eyes. Being a DMSC fan since her first experience with the Social Club at our previous location at a performance she recalls her introduction to the Social Club fondly, “…when they were down on Locust and going got an event there, a circus event and thinking that this is really cool. I have no idea what to make of it but it’s a really cool thing and just watching it over the years in the purifiant of things … I was looking at a bunch of different opportunities and I heard about a potential opening here and that the board was considering hiring a development director and I was really intrigued by it because I had been doing development although in a slightly different way in terms of political fundraising but I knew that I had the skills. I thought would be a really fun challenge for a different issue then what I’m used to doing it for”.


Since Heather is one of our newest staff members we also decided to find out more about her on a personal level with some fun facts that you and possible many may not know about her.


Q: Cyclones or Hawkeyes

A: “Neither. I’m a none of the above. Number one I didn’t grow up here, I didn’t go to school here, so I have no affinity for either team. I also went to college that had division three sports that no one cared about. So I don’t have a particular care when it comes to college sports.”

Q: What is one thing that you never leave the house without?

A: “My son’s EpiPen and my phone, just because now you can’t. The other (is) ChapStick, I’m addicted to ChapStick. The ChapStick is particularly funny because if we’ve left the house and I don’t have ChapStick, there are times where I have made my husband stop at like a CVS or something so that I can buy ChapStick. Not because I need it in that moment but because I may need it at some point for when we are out.”

Q: One food that you do not like under any circumstances?

A: “Sushi! It’s awful. I’ve never actually had sushi, I’ve also just adamantly decided that I will not eat it. It’s one of those things where just the thought of it sounds so awful that I refuse to eat it.”


Heather has been a tremendous addition to the DMSC team. She has already adapted to the rather quirky nature that is the Social Club, she has added the collaborative nature here and we look forward to seeing what this relationship blossoms into.



Written By: Angelica Lawson
Angelica is a Rentals/Marketing Intern From Iowa State University.