Guest Post by: Christopher Ford

Well, I love this. The Dhol Foundation makes truly modern, global music. The music is rooted in the Bhaṅgṛā genre, which comes from the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. Basically the genre is a mix of contemporary Western styles and the centuries-old Punjabi folk music. The band uses as a foundation the dhol (hence the name), which is a two-headed drum found in regions around the Indian subcontinent. Actually, they use a bunch of these drums, which makes for a massive sound. The modern global part comes in when you stick this music on top of heavy hip-hop oriented bass and drum grooves with rock and roll electric guitar hits, sample traditional Punjabi folk singers over the top of it, along with other things as well, stick Celtic-inspired violin and flute hooks in there (a sound I’m a sucker for), and then add dancers and lip syncing performers to the stage in sick outfits. It’s an incredibly addictive sound, and based on the videos on Youtube, an irresistible live show.


Here’s a jam that really stuck out to me, check out the build on this thing! Wait for it to drop around 1:41:

That track is lacking the Celtic thread that is splashed notably in a number of other songs. Spin this track for a taste of the English folk influences:

Des Moines has not traditionally been a place where you can commonly see musicians of this caliber from the opposite side of our planet, but thankfully that’s changing.

Check out the event page HERE