Welcome to Scuffle, the official arts and culture podcast of the Des Moines Social Club. Hosted by Chris Barker, each week’s episode features a panel discussion, interview, and reflection on various issues and events happening in Des Moines.





Episode 19 available now!

On this week’s shorter episode of Scuffle we talk to Todd Buckhacker of Stage West about their new show, Cock.

Episode 18 features:

On this episode of Scuffle we talk to Rob Stephens about his art, which is currently on display in the Viaduct Gallery at the Social Club and at Mars Cafe. (Seriously, go buy some!) And we have a chat with Tim Meinch of The Des Moines Register about reporting and sourcing a news story and all that that entails.

Episode 17 features:

On this episode we talk to Kristopher Rollins and Emily Lang of Movement 515, Tina Muhammad of Iowa Citizens for Justice, and Ako Adbul-Samad of Creative visions about the fallout of the Mike Brown and Eric Garner grand jury decisions and the state of race relations in the US.

Episode 16 features:

On this episode of Scuffle we feature more of the poets from Movement 515/Run DSM and have a conversation with Elise Goodmann of the Social Club about what’s new in the Viaduct Art Gallery.

Episode 15 features:

On this episode of scuffle we talk to Anthony San, a Des Moines breakdancer and teacher, and we get some poetry from Rushawn, Julio, and Jaya of Movement 515.

Episode 14 :

Episode 13 features:

– Nabil of Electric Dream Machine stops in to talk about converting gas powered cars to run on electric, and about maker spaces in Des Moines
– Artist Jon Pearson sits down and talks about his work process and creative ethos.

Episode 12 features:

– An interview with Exo 152 and Asphate about the Des Moines rap scene, the challenges and rewards of local hip-hop, and where they see the scene coming from and going to.
– An interview with Daniel Bosman of Mars Cafe about coffee culture, a geek-out about brewing methods, and trends in the coffee industry.

Episode 11 features:

– An interview with Emily Lang, Christopher Rollins, and Bao Luong of Movement 515 about poetry, education, “the canon,” and codeswitching.
– An interview with Danyelle Crowell of Tacopocalypse and Krunkwich Ramen House about food, startup culture, and where she sees Des Moines heading.

Episode 10 features:

– An interview with Cat Rocketship about art, Dungeons and Dragons, and the X-Files. Yeah, we went everywhere on this one.
– An interview with writer Ben Godar about sportswriting, essay writing, and screenwriting. Lots of writing.

Episode 9 features:

– An interview with Brett McClavy and CJ Bienert of The Cheese Shop about food, running a small, local cafe, and their emphasis on local ingredients.
– An interview with Maddie Moiselle of The Iowa School of Burlesque about the history of Burlesque and The Iowa School, Neo-Burlesque, and all points in between.

Episode 8 features:

– An interview with Kyle Porter of Capes Kafe about new comics releases and changes in the industry.
– A panel discussion with Scott Yoshimura and Graham Gardner about the service industry and the social and monetary pressures creatives types work under.

Episode 7 features:

– An interview with Judy Downs of the Science Center of Iowa about the happenings at SCI, including their Mini Maker Faire, and science education
– A panel discussion with Ace Wilde of Yankee Doodle Tattoo, writer Kelsey Lepperd, and musician Lucca Soria about the creative process
– A segment on racism and sexism in comics and the media

Episode 6 features:

– A panel discussion with Joey Leaming and Lucas Moser on photography, followed by an interview with Amedeo Rossi giving a post-mortem on 80/35.
– Our Meander this week delves into food media and just how awesome public television in.


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