The Des Moines Social Club offers a variety of unique spaces for your next party, workshop, or meeting. The energetic and creative atmosphere of the renovated, 1930s firehouse is a perfect alternative to the typical venue.
Though much of the historic integrity of the building has been maintained, the Social Club has a modern, industrial atmosphere that makes it suitable for a wide range of events.

We are updating our RENTAL BROCHURE – please email for more information.

DMSC Rental Policy

At the Des Moines Social Club (DMSC) we have tons of space, in a uniquely restored art-deco Firehouse. Of course you want to have your event here! You’re in luck – certain spaces at the Des Moines Social Club are available to rent for corporate parties, nonprofit networking events, weddings, or for other private events. All of the funds generated from our rentals help us continue to offer programming that help us fulfill our nonprofit’s mission of using the arts as a catalyst to create unprecedented community engagement.

Just a heads up – we do NOT rent DMSC for booking of public arts and culture events resembling our own programming — i.e., you can’t pay to have your band play here, run your own comedy festival, or offer classes on your own.

However, for those public events that resemble the rest of our own programming, we will determine whether your program fits our mission, vision and interests, and we may choose to work with you as a presenting partner rather than forming a rental relationship.

All rentals are subject to approval at the discretion of the Des Moines Social Club. Not sure where you land? Send us an email, we’re happy to talk through it with you!

Please email for all space inquiries. If you want to teach a class, email or if you would like us to consider booking you for a performance, email