Q: Why a musical? Why The Last Five Years?
A: We wanted to do a musical that was our kind of show, interesting and different. This is a great piece of music and interesting theatre.

Q: Do you want to do more musicals?
A: Definitely! We want to keep our eyes open and not limit ourselves to one or two genres.

Q: What are you hoping to gain from this project?
A: Bring in people who enjoy musicals and may not have ever been to the Social Club before. We wanted to gain the experience of mounting a musical and challenging ourselves both technically and artistically.

Q: What has been the biggest challenge with doing a musical?
A: Balancing the sound, we have a space where it is tricky to have a live band with actors singing.

Q: Why have live band versus recorded music?
A: Aside from the script calling for a live band when people come to a musical they want live music. Our band is made up of terrific musicians!

Q: Why is there a separate music director (Ben Hagen)?
A: You need to have a separate director and music director. It is imperative to have one person working on staging and character and another person on the music and band. The music director was the first person hired on the project. Ben (Hagen) is the BEST music director in town.

Catch the final weekend of The Last Five Years!

What: DMSC Theater Co. Presents The Last Five Years
When: Feb. 7-17, Thur.-Sat. at 7:30pm, Sun. at 2pm
Where: Des Moines Social Club, 400 Walnut St.
Admission: $20 for evening shows or $14 for Sunday matinees via Midwestix or at the door
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