The firehouse belongs to each of you, so we’ve created a way to personalize your very own brick on the Yellow Brick Road. Engrave a brick with your name, a friend/family member’s name, fellow artist, or even a quote. We hope you’ll be a part of the firehouse in this special way that will last forever.

One building at the Firehouse will house a restaurant, art gallery, classrooms and much more – the other building will house a theater and bar – and in between there is an awesome courtyard. Playing off one of my all time favorite shows, we’ve created a literal Yellow Brick Road to guide you from one building to the next.

The dollars raised from the engraved bricks will help put us over the top on our historical preservation process fundraising efforts. Help us reach our goal by December 29th so we can announce at the New Year’s Eve Bash, the first event in the Firehouse!

Check it out – super easy to do – and totally accessible. $25 / $50 / $100 – the larger the brick the more characters you get. Buy a brick today – or buy two bricks – we won’t stop you.

Thank you for helping us build the final pieces of the Firehouse!


Order your brick now at