Tonight at the Midwest Cage Championship, Kevin “The Fire” Burns will take on Mason Temiquel. With a name like “The Fire” and being a Des Moines resident, we knew he was the fighter to sponsor! It certainly is the summer of fire in Des Moines! We did a little Q&A to get an inside perspective from the mixed martial arts fighter.

See you tonight at the Midwest Cage Championship at Hy-Vee Hall. Get all the details and tickets here.

Q. What does someone interested in pursuing martial arts or mixed martial arts as a career
need to know?

A. It’s not for everybody! Everyone wants to be a fighter till they get punched in the face! Don’t limit yourself to learning only one discipline. If you are serious you will dedicate the needed time to really learn all of the aspects of the game. Also it’s important to not get frustrated and realize it is going I take a lot of hard work dolling technique to really get good.

Q. Where did you get the nickname “The Fire”?

A. I have always been extremely driven and motivated as if there was a fire burning inside all the time.

Q. What are the benefits of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in relation to other forms of martial arts?

A. BJJ helps a person understand submissions and control of their opponent. These compliment all other aspects of MMA giving a solid foundation to start with.

Q. How has being from Des Moines affected your fighting career — for better or worse?

A. Being from DSM is great. We have a great group of guys with solid work ethic! It is always important to expand to other groups but DSM like anywhere else has an airport so it’s easy to take training trips.

Q. What is your most memorable moment from fighting in the UFC?

A. Submission of the night in London. What better way to enter!! 🙂

Q. What is the best thing about fighting for Midwest Cage Championship?

A. The promotion is run professionally and I have faith that they will alway do what they say. Some promotions I have fought for change rules the night of the fight and don’t attend to the details of even getting your music right. Mistakes like these don’t happen in the MCC cage. Well put together show from top to bottom!

Q. How did you find the will power to train so frequently at the start of your career?

A. This is simple. I loved the sport and wanted to compete. If you are looking for the will power to train you are not in the right profession.

Q. What do you professionally (or what have you done) other than fighting?

A. I have spent the rest of my professional career in finance at Wells Fargo.

Q. What initially drew you to martial arts?

A. Have always loved the arts and I started lessons at my first opportunity in life.