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Interns Try: Cooking with Cass: Intro to Sushi

Hi! My Name is…

Anna, I am the Fall 2017 event and venue intern with the Des Moines Social Club. For my Interns Try adventure, I chose Cooking with Cass: Intro to Sushi to see why I’m paying so much when I go out to get the stuff. Cass had about 17 people in the class.  We worked in stations where each group was in charge of different sushi elements, at the end we all got to put together our own sushi creations and share them as a group. We had a real feast! Far too much sushi for all of us to eat in one sitting, we definitely took home leftovers. I will never complain about paying so much for Sushi again… or maybe not for a while.


What we did…

My group of 3 was in charge of making the fantastical sauces the class had the pleasure to drizzle over their creations – we made a tasty eel sauce from scratch and a spicy mayo sauce. The mayo sauce was very easy.  We used 2-parts Japanese mayo, to 1-part Sriracha, lime to taste and whisked well, so good! The other one was a bit more complex – we did struggle a with it some, but it ended up being perfect. The eel sauce recipe we used had mirin (a type of rice wine), soy sauce, sugar, and required a long reduction period, which was a little tricky for us, because we added extra mirin… 😉 . When we were done, we pitched in to help other groups out on their parts, and soon we were learning how to roll some tight sushi! Cass showed us some very helpful techniques on how to keep the rice and nori (the seaweed wrap) from sticking to our mats and fingers. I learned some very helpful techniques in making sushi I might use at home one day. One tip I can share with you before you take the class is: if you want to cut your roll like a pro, be sure to wipe and wet your knife a few times during your cutting. Also be sure you’re using a very sharp knife, but that’s important with anything you’re making. We also learned tips on how to make a beautiful inside out roll (the kind with the rice on the outside) and it’s not as hard as it looks!

How it went…

I had so much fun in this class, Cass provided a couple of really tasty wines to get us started and was so good at guiding us while we made our sushi without taking over. The people I met and worked with were so excited to be there also – we briefly contemplated quitting our jobs to be sushi chefs, but Cass let us know it takes years to become a pro… we’re going to stay put for now. I will certainly be taking more classes with Cass in the future. The space is beautiful, our host was fun, the food is great, and the kitchen is well stocked. With that said, go sign up! Now!

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