Alicia DMSC AerialHello all! My name is Alicia and I am a marketing intern at the Des Moines Social Club. For my part in the “Interns Try” piece, I decided to step way out of my comfort zone and try the beginners aerial class. For those of you who don’t know what that would consist of, aerial silk performances are ones in which one or more artists perform aerial acrobatics while hanging from silk fabric. Going into the class I honestly didn’t think that it would be very hard but I quickly learned that I was going to have to push myself if I wanted to learn something.



Alicia DMSC AerialI was in a class with people who had taken some form of acrobatics or aerial class previous to this one, so that was a little intimidating. Laura, the instructor, was very helpful and more than willing to walk me through the moves so that I could at least give them a shot. We started out by doing a little stretching and then jumped straight into the first set of moves. The first move that I attempted was on the aerial hoop. It sounded simple and very basic: all I had to do was grab the hoop and try to bring my legs up through my arms, like a kid in elementary school doing a backflip off the monkey bars. This move took me a few times before I got it but it was very rewarding to accomplish something that was completely new to me. Laura also taught me how to climb the silk, or the basics of it at least. I am scared of heights so being that far off the ground was something that made me a little nervous but I gave it a shot anyway. The hammock was my favorite to work on. In my opinion it was easier for me to move on and made me feel more comfortable when trying different moves.


Alicia DMSC AerialWe worked through several different sets of moves, all with a different difficulty level. Even though I had no previous experience with aerial performance it was still a great class! I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is looking to learn something new and get into better shape. The class was super friendly and everyone was willing to help me out when it came to spotting or just getting the right form so I didn’t fall on my face. Trying this class pushed me out of my comfort zone but in a way that was beneficial to me. To anyone with even a little interest in taking the class, I would say to just give it a shot! Even if you’re not confident going into it you will learn in a supportive and fun environment that is accepting of all skill levels!