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Amber, the Marketing Intern at the Des Moines Social Club for the Spring. For my “Interns Try” experience, I attended the Adult Beginner’s Ballet Level One class. Growing up I enjoyed dance lessons, it was a large part of my life. Now, five years since my last dance class, I wanted to experience an adult class dynamic. With years of past experience, the trial was more beneficial and enjoyable than I had hoped.


How it went:SONY DSC

I was nervous walking into the class to begin. I had lost all my hard earned flexibility, and I couldn’t recall even the most basic of french terms. After a welcoming greeting from Kirstin Gal, our energetic teacher, I realized there was no reason for worry. She reassured us we would be learning together. The night was about forgetting our current concerns and immersing ourselves in the empowering artform.


At 5:30 sharp, P!nk’s lyrics melted from the speakers signaling the beginning of warm-ups. After an empowering start to the class, Kristin patiently worked us through the five positions of ballet. Throughout the class she would reference the positions to help us work through each new step. With ballet technique fresh in mind, I felt like a ballerina again. Within the next 30 minutes Kristin taught us the execution of a proper plié, dégagé, sus-sous and chasé. I struggled to remember how to do a proper sus-sous, but Kristin happily reminded the class and I of the proper technique. With each new step Kristin eagerly strolled the class perfecting our footwork.


Soon enough we were chasé-ing across the floor in unison to classical DMSC BALLETmusic. The first time across the floor in my small group had some minor hiccups. We laughed at our mistakes and mentally noted what needed to be worked on. I really enjoyed dancing across the floor in such a  fun and accepting environment. Witnessing the smiles of new friends in the Movement Studio mirror opposing myself was rewarding as well. Throughout the class Kristin was consistently reminding us to be strong, smile and have fun.

Before I realized what was happening the music changed and we were cooling down with simple stretches. Within 60 minutes on a chilly Friday afternoon in Des Moines, I had grown more confident in myself. The class time allowed me an environment to escape in. I not only was reminded of ballet technique and graceful variations, but I was free of the past week’s stress.


Amber Bachman DMSC Intern

Written by: Amber Bachman
Amber  is a marketing intern at DMSC and is studying marketing at Iowa State University.