Thursday, March 8 2018 • 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm • The Basement

The Host Country

IPR Studio One Underground with The Host Country! March 8th at 7pm – admission is FREE.

In 2014, The Host Country released their full length debut album, “Walk Away”. Since then, they were working hard at writing, recording, and debuting their new self-titled album released in September 2017. It is an exploration of sounds; The Host Country’s genre experimentation puts them in a category of their own. While their music is something that must be heard to truly understand, imagine a fusion of folk, rock, blues, a mix of hard and soft, all combined with hauntingly passionate chord shifts. Lyrically, the music is filled with deep emotions. Dual writing credits between Ty Wistrand & Diana Weishaar put forth versatile songs that are evocative, often taking listeners down deeply personal paths. Ty (guitar/vox), Diana (keys/vox), Tom (bass), Ethan (drums), and newly added member Michael Lovan (guitar) are storytellers and fan favorites for many reasons, but their dedication to the audience is what keeps them coming back for more. For a preview, they can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp, or at their website 

Follow this link to watch the music video from their 2017 release, How The Four Winds Blow: