Sunday, June 24 2018 • 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm • Blue Moon Recording Studio

Full Session // $150


June 3rd ¦ June 10th ¦ June 17th ¦ June 24th ¦ July 1st ¦ July 8th


The Studio Series at the Des Moines Social Club is a new series of professional level classes of that will teach the art and science of audio recording. Based out of our very own Blue Moon Recording Studio, students can expect to walk away from each course in this series with a product or experience that will help develop as artists and professionals, regardless of current level. 

Space is extremely limited! Students should plan on being able to attend every class session. 

Advanced Recording Techniques is recommended for students who have some previous experience with studio recording.  Class will cover intermediate and advanced mixing techniques including: EQ, Compressors/Gates, Multiband Compressors/Dynamic EQs, Modulation Effects, Time Effects, various Mixing Paradigms and more.