Thursday, May 30 2019 • 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm • The Basement

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Reverend Doctor is an uplifting and defiantly positive soul pop act which aims to connect people and build community through music that moves your mind and your feet.

Rooted in the likes of Michael Jackson, Fleetwood Mac, Beatles, Gin Blossoms – Reverend Doctor’s relentlessly optimistic music tells inspirational stories and creates safe spaces for those to gather.

As a singer and guitarist, Reverend Doctor’s songwriting aims to preach and to heal through positive messages of hope and love. His music reflects his passion to build a community and engage audiences. The blending of funk, R&B, pop, and rock results in an upbeat sound that will make you dance or simply bring a smile to your face.


Kelli Rae Powell is an old-timey albeit timely cabaret-style bad girl. Regarding her wry and original tunes, she has been described as a tiny uke-toting red-headed would-be step-child of Billie Holiday and Johnny Cash. Tommy Ramone once called her a “poet” to her face. She invented the Drinkaby: a song that is part lullaby and part drinking song. Born in Nebraska and raised in Iowa, she moved to New York City after she graduated from college. Kelli Rae will play the ukulele until the end.


Lionessa is the solo, sometimes duo project of Vanessa Nicole Ellsbury. She once roamed the dirt roads of northwest Iowa, and found herself in Ames after returning back to Iowa from Louisville. V has grown to capture the hearts of many with her sultry groove. Born in a rusted out gypsy wagon, she is sure to leave you entranced with her haunting melodies and smooth guitar licks. This self taught multi-instrumentalist released an album last summer and has played over 40 shows since. One can never guess which style she’ll play next, but whether it’s folk rock, reggae, or some array of psychedelia, she’s bound to take you on a journey. You can also find her playing bass and guitar with local Ames legends: Wiitch Tiit and Bitter Canyon. This show, she will feature the very talented Walker Pett.

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The Basement // $9 advance // $12 at the door // Doors 7pm // Show 8pm // All Ages