Tuesday, March 5 2019 • 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm • Culinary Loft

Cost// $80 Full Session or $25 Drop-In
Dates// February 12th, February 19th, February 26th, March 5th
Registration Deadline// February 10th (Full Session) 
Ages// 12+

So much about making a pie is about technique rather than ingredients. If you can make a crust, then adding fruit and baking is simply a matter of taste. How about making a custard from scratch to get something that sincerely appeal to your sense? Or, making a savory quiche with endless possibilities for brunch. This lecture style class (with lots of samples!) will focus first on how to take flour, fat and water to create something wonderful and then a chance to make a pie to take home. The best part of home cooking is the unique taste of each person making food and the care they show others when making something special. With these basic techniques, you can make something delicious and wonderful for someone else.

– The first class will be crust and various fats while also making a very lovely, double crust apple pie.
– The second class will look at making shortbread/cookie crusts and custards. In this course we will make a banana custard in a vanilla cookie crust.
– The third course will be on savory pies. In this we will make a quiche utilizing the blind baking technique.
– The fourth class we will make versions of two pies from the movie “Waitress,” Strawberry Chocolate Oasis Pie and Marshmallow Mermaid Pie.

About the Artist: Cara Norris is a dedicated home baker with a love for traditional cooking. Her company, Black Bird Pie Co., is focused on making pies by hand with small innovations to make them interesting. Cara has been in a kitchen baking and cooking since she could see over the counter. She has done extensive research into pie baking and traditional Midwest cooking in general. She loves collecting old church cookbooks and experimenting with new techniques and flavors.


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