Saturday, July 14 2018 • 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm • The Basement

Mahalaga is an original artwork exhibit featuring works by artist LeoAngelo. Mahalaga is a word meaning important. Mahal is a root word alone that means value or price interchangeably.  Mahal can be used to say love or precious while also used to say that something is quantifiably expensive.  LeoAngelo’s body of work is broad and abstracted, reaching or finding a place between price and love.  LeoAngelo explores the question, “What’s the meaning of life?” LeoAngelo’s recent works are born from their answer to this question: “To make life meaningful.”

Join us in the Basement to welcome the exhibit with a reception on Saturday, July 14 from 5-7 pm.

Exhibit dates: July 5-30