Tuesday, March 19 2019 • 6:30 pm - 7:45 pm • Mulberry Room


Cost// $20 Full Session or $5 Drop-in
Dates// March 12th, March 19th, March 26th, April 2nd

Today’s rhetoric seems to revolve around what it is we dislike, or even hate, about another person’s viewpoint. This type of interaction certainly engages the emotions, as the passionate objections of others’ viewpoints is palpable in our current dialogue. But rather than what it is you are against, what are you for? What engages you beyond your emotions -activates your actions, your intellect, as well as your emotions? The DSMSC explores this topic with a new series on “Worldviews”. What is the core belief system upon which you make decisions and creates and causes you to pursue passions? What other Worldviews beyond yours exist and what do they offer our human condition today? We invite you to explore these deep questions in this 4 week series. 

March 12: (Quintin Stieff) Life’s Big Questions:  

– A friendly and lively conversation about differing approaches to our biggest challenges
– How to have conversations/tolerance about the Big Questions

March 19: (Tim Canney)  Why is there something rather than nothing? 

– What are the various paths we choose in search for meaning (worldview)? How do we choose a path?

March 26 (Ryan Whitson) “Truth Decay: Have We Outgrown Truth?”

– What is Truth, does it exist and what difference does it make?
– A peek into our culture: Postmodernism

April 2: (Matt Woody) OK, so what does this mean?

– An introduction to Ethics: How should I live?
– Moral absolutes vs moral relativism

Quintin Stieff is the lead pastor of Valley Church in West Des Moines. During his three decades as pastor, the church has grown from 40 to 4000 people. In 2013, the church opened the Valley Community Center, welcoming over 100,000 guests a year and partnering with 80+ community organizations. Quintin received his Masters of Divinity from Trinity International University in Chicago, and he is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Indiana University (BA in History and Religious Studies). He and his wife, Ruth, are the parents of three adult children, and a brand new grandson.

Dr. Ryan Whitson serves as Lead Pastor at New Hope Church in Adel, IA and is a professor of philosophy at DMACC. He is the author of two books, including Reasons to Believe, and several published articles in the field of Ethics. He has two Masters Degrees and his doctorate is in the field of Philosophical Theology. Ryan enjoys time with his family, sports, coffee shops and reading good books.

Tim Canney is a bank branch manager at Lincoln Savings Bank.  Beyond his work life, Tim has organized and participated in disaster relief efforts, provided support and connections with underprivileged groups of people, has been involved in fighting human  trafficking, and many other humanitarian efforts.  He has most recently been a board member of the Dallas County Foundation and the Dallas County Habitat for Humanity, among many other civic organizations and efforts.

Matt Woody is a 22 year veteran of the DSM Fire Department.  Upon retirement from the department, he has created his own successful safety consulting business, where he meets with a variety of companies and cultures to help provide safe work environments for staff and customers.  He regularly speaks in front of small to large groups of people.  He has a studied scientific approach to life and a welcoming attitude and care for multiple people groups.