Tuesday, February 28 2017 • 7:15 pm - 8:15 pm • Handball Court
Kinetic Entertainment Presents:

Cyr wheel is a giant metal hoop that you stand in while spinning in circles. It combines an amazing core workout with the fun of spinning around. Once you get the basic steps it is ridiculously fun and feels much like skating. Expect to drill the basic waltz step and work on basic wheel manipulations. Athletic shoes that cover your toes are recommended.

Here are a few suggestions that will make your circus class experience even better!

~ Be sure to wear comfortable tight fitting clothing that covers your armpits and the back of your knees to class.
~ Please refrain from chewing gum, wearing jewelry, or wearing perfume in class.

~ Since the practice is physical, it is best not to practice on a full belly. No food or open containers are allowed in the handball court.
~ You may bring a water bottle and hand towel. All other props are provided.
~ Restrooms are available that may be used as a changing space.


For questions please contact info@lauraernst.com