Thursday, November 30 2017 • 8:00 pm - 11:00 pm • The Basement

18740248_1571634709513619_7291579408200701838_n copyKaleena Calcutta

Canadian-born singer/songwriter Kaleena Calcutta has been carving out her place in central Iowa soul music since her relocation to the Midwest. Starting with her 2015 debut, The Beginning, Kaleena has been exploring that unique place where folk and singer/songwriter tendencies meet the soulful, upbeat corners of R&B.



Bear Witness

Bear Witness speak bravely and clearly to our difficult moment. California native cellist Kelly Daza and New York native singer and guitarist Jodi Stanfield found each other in Iowa and decided to do something about it. Daza’s cello, which can be propulsive, pretty, or majestic as needed, adds body to the soaring diva soul of Stanfield’s soprano on a body of material that is one part Jeff Tweedy, two parts Patti Smith, and three parts let ‘er rip.


Samantha Moss

Sam Moss is a singer/songwriter with the spirit of a child and an old soul.



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