Friday, December 8 2017 • 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm • The Basement


Let’s face it. Jazz has the reputation of being stuffy, impenetrable music that you have to know something to “get.” A bad inside joke, like the Elks lodge. The worst part of hipsterdom. Old, balding guys wearing sunglasses inside. AT NIGHT. Well, we hope to change your opinion about all of that.\
The jubilant sound of Christopher’s Very Happy. Band. results from a combination of bright sounding compositions played with joyous abandon by its four members. Individually, their performance credits include the Umbria (Italy), Montreaux (Switzerland), Ozone (Switzerland), Guinness (South Africa) Twin Cities (Minneapolis) and Iowa City jazz festivals. All have interests and experiences across the gamut of current musical styles ranging from Classical to pop, electronica to soul. All of this experience comes to bear in their work together.

In addition to this aggregation, many of the members of CVH.B. perform together in COLOSSUS Central, a large jazz ensemble led by Mike Conrad, as well as a myriad of other groups you haven’t heard of. It is our fondest wish for this music to make you as happy as it makes us. Very Happy. Indeed.

Every Friday evening, the Des Moines Social Club hosts the Jazz & Roots Happy Hour in The Basement.


The Basement // show 5:30 pm // $7