Tuesday, April 11 2017 • 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm • Mulberry Room

1AZJAEK56X“Introduction to Film” is a class that will explore the in’s and out’s of making a film. Students will go through the process of script writing, pre-production, camera work, and post production.

The class will end with the students working on a group short film. The short film will debut at small red carpet event at the social club where friends and family can come see the class’s hard work.

Every student will receive a copy of the film on DVD.

Full 6-week session $100

Eric Bridges is a recent graduate of the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles where he received his Masters in Film and Media Production. Through his Masters program, Eric worked on dozens of films in various positions and filmed in various locations such as Universal Studios and more. His current film is being entered into various film festivals around the world. Eric enjoys making films and reading comic books.