Tuesday, August 14 2018 • 5:30 pm - 7:30 pm • Culinary Loft

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2 Hour Classes // $20 Per Class

Equity | 8.14

“Why are there only white men in charge?”

Let’s have a real conversation about cisgendered white men being the only leaders that we see. Why do women, people of color, and trans/gender non-binary leaders seem to not exist?

Diversity | 8.21

“I’m sick of talking about diversity. Stop asking me to be your token.”

Let’s examine what it means for every major corporation and large public entity to have a diversity initiative. How do we achieve true diversity and not just rely on quotas and figureheads?

Inclusion | 8.28

“How do we make every space a truly welcoming space for all?”

Through the lens of performance and theatre let’s have a real conversation about how we welcome people into our spaces of learning, living, and work.



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