Sunday, July 29 2018 • 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm • Handball Court

Des Moines Social Club

Aerial Floorwork & Transitions


Our main interest in dance is to work with humans and their feelings, bodies, and to bring their energy, movements, endurance and emotions together. We have developed two paths, which often intersect each other. One is focused in contemporary technique with a special attention on floor work, spirals and strength. The second is transitions looking for our own personal ways of approaching movement, in connection with ourselves, others, and our apparatuses. In both cases the research is around the process rather than the product, going behind the aesthetics, and looking for humanity and authenticity through dance. We merge all this knowledge and bring it to the apparatus to work further on sequencing and routines.


Lauren Cook and Fabrizio Spiteri of Volodesto Aerials are coming to Des Moines July 27th thru the 29th, and presenting four amazing workshops you won’t want to miss!

This weekend workshop series will focus on helping you become more aware of yourself in aspects of space, time, and connection to the floor, and the connection to your apparatus. We will work on the apparatus of your choice and allow you to become fully immersed in your technique and our research and creation process. We will give you a new knowledge in analyzing your body and a choreographer’s roadmap. In addition, you will learn new tools to help you create and expand your artistic direction and technique.

We encourage you to fully immerse yourself into our weekend with Iowa Circus Arts. But it is also completely fine to take just one! We look forward to training with you

FRIDAY, JULY 27, 6 – 8 PM:  Aerial Technique Intensive (Lyra)
SATURDAY, JULY 28, NOON – 2 PM: Aerial Technique Intensive (Trapeze)
SUNDAY, JULY 29, 1 – 3 PM: Aerial Improv
SUNDAY, JULY 29, 4 – 6 PM: Aerial Floorwork and Transitions