Thursday, October 25 2018 • 6:45 pm - 7:45 pm • Handball Court

Every Thursday at 6:45PM



Have you mastered Beginning Aerial and are looking to continue building your strength on silks? In this class, we will continue building on foundational skills, such as climbs, inverts, foot locks, drops, and much more! We will also begin exploring simple transitions and how to flow with the fabric. If you are ready to enhance your silks knowledge, come “hang” with us!

Prerequisites: single foot knots (on ground and in air), double foot knots (dancer or regular), inverts (from ground and in the air), hip key, able to climb at least halfway up the fabric


About Iowa Circus Arts

In addition to on-going classes, Iowa Circus Arts also offers after school programs, corporate team-building, as well as entertainment for social events and parties. Circus is a great way to improve your coordination and strength in a new, exciting way. All ages and fitness levels are welcome.