Sunday, May 14 2017 • 2:00 pm • Kum & Go Theater
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May 12-21, 2017 Iowa Premiere
By Taylor Mac

Hir – After his tour of duty in the Middle East, Isaac comes home to a dirty house, a brother instead of a sister, and a mother on a warpath. Isaacs mother, Paige and brother Max has paved a new road for themselves after his abusive father Arnold has suffered a stroke. Isaac attempts to reclaim structure in a household that refuses to be tamed. Hir confronts what it is to live in a new world when one is stuck to the past.

“Perhaps no play this year inspired a greater sense of awe than Taylor Mac’s audacious dive into the dysfunctional-family playpen of American theater.” – The New York Times

“Hir challenges expectations on every level except that of providing engrossing entertainment, which it does to a remarkable degree.” – San Francisco Chronicle