Friday, August 18 2017 • 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm • The Rooftop at DMSC

To close out the final Rooftop Happy Hour of the week and launch into the weekend, three bands are taking over The Rooftop for a free concert.

18485477_1880793688875426_3519224992139060503_nGolly & the Geebirs

Golly & the Geebirs is one of those bands that grew up in the ’90s and still misses it. They release records on tapes and prefer sentences that entirely lack capitalization; just take a look at their Facebook page.

“This oozing is indicative of their sound, crashing like seafoam green waves cresting, falling, and sinking your feet into the sand. That exuberance alone pulls you in, and although it might thrash you around, rest assured it will set you back down safe and sound.” — Bruce James Bales


The Goldblums bill themselves as “Des Moines area shapeshifting reptilian overlords, ft. World Heavyweight Champion Brandon Paul Moses of Deep Sleep Waltzing.” We don’t get it either, but maybe we’ll figure it out together on the Rooftop.

Quick Piss

Angst is alive and exploding with Quick Piss, “An incendiary care package for the fed up and f**ked up.” Quick Piss is also a believer in the art of the tape, just like the headliner.



The Rooftop // FREE // 6-9 p.m.