Thursday, November 5 2015 • 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm • Kum & Go Theater

When you start seeing photos of politicians eating corn dogs, you know political season has officially descended upon Iowa.

With the caucuses fast-approaching, we are teaming up with the Des Moines Register for a series of non-partisan, caucus-themed events this fall.

Whether we like it or not, the political spotlight is on Iowa and the caucuses provide a unique way for us to be involved. Unfortunately, Iowans age 18-34 are the least-represented in the caucuses.

The “Give A Damn” events series will be a fun, informal, yet informative way to learn more about this important political process. A sort-of Cliff’s Notes on caucusing, current events, and political processes.

Save the date for these upcoming events!

Nov. 5: It’s Not a Damn Debate
The Republican and Democratic Party chairs will discuss the top issues facing young voters that are identified in the Oct. 20 event during a lively, substantive conversation aimed at helping voters get a deeper understanding.