Friday, October 27 2017 • 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm • Movement Studio
Full Session: 
 flirt life presents


Helping you to embody your full power as women Hips of a Goddess is a mix of Kizomba and Dancehall with a Flirt Life Flair. During this six-week class, we hold space for deep transformation to help women explore their own growth and connection. You will be taken on a journey of deeper self-love as you learn to isolate your waist while you wiggle and wine. There is no prior dance experience required for this class.

Yvette Keyes has a mission to help women reconnect with who they really are and to have the confidence to live their life in a way that feels joyful to them without the hang ups of other people’syvette_biopic opinions. Having been through so many life transitions of her own and knowing how unsure that could make one feel she knew she needed to reach out to other women to let them know that they too were perfect. Yvette created Flirt Life University to help other women deal with the overwhelming feelings of being a woman while still living everyday life.

She recieved her life coaching certification in 2012, specializing in relationship coaching in 2013. In 2016 she became a Global Ambassador for the Body Image Movement.

Today Yvette can be found running online workshops and courses, body image photo shoots, holding sensual dance sessions and doing private coaching for women across the country.

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