Sunday, March 19 2017 • 7:00 pm • The Basement

Elizabeth Moen

Elizabeth Moen’s music came all at once, in what seemed like a fury at the bitter end of her college career. Playing guitar since middle school and singing old Johnny Cash and Billie Holiday covers at open mics, she finally began to write her own songs in September of 2015. Now residing in Iowa City, the music and writing communities inspired the small town girl from Vinton, Iowa to create her own sound. This sound is inspired by the likes of Joni Mitchell, Emmylou Harris, and contemporary female singer-songwriters like Angel Olson, Esmé Patterson, and Margaret Glaspy, Moen’s music is a compilation of the music she was raised on; folk, rock, blues, and soul.

After writing her first eight songs released on her first EP in January 2016, she now has a repertoire of forty-plus songs. She has recently finished recording many of these with her band members in fall and early winter of 2016. They have completed their first full-length record set to be released in spring of 2017 on William Elliott Whitmore and Luke Tweedy’s (of Flat Black Studios) Long Play Records. This album is a mixture of old and new with various inspirations from old jazz, to modern indie-rock.


Eau Claire, WI reeks of talent. It has been blessed with the emergence of nationally recognized bands and artists to bring forth the indie scene in recent years that has no doubt been thriving all along, but was never getting the recognition it deserved. Eau Claire’s most recent emergence is solo-artist Gabe Larson who prefers the stage moniker Waldemar – the royal name of lines of ancient Swedish and Danish king’s as well as Larson’s late paternal grandfather.

Bear Witness

Bear Witness is one attempt to speak bravely and clearly to our difficult moment. California native cellist Kelly Daza and New York native singer and guitarist Jodi Stanfield found each other in Iowa and decided to do something about it. Daza’s cello, which can be propulsive, pretty, or majestic as needed, adds body to the soaring diva soul of Stanfield’s soprano on a body of material that is one part Jeff Tweedy, two parts Patti Smith, and three parts let ‘er rip. BEAR WITNESS is going to keep the conversation going.


The Basement // doors 6pm, show 7pm // $7 // all ages