Wednesday, August 23 2017 • All Day • Viaduct Gallery

The space between here and there (2)

The space between here and there


Exhibit dates: August 4 – 29



“In the beginning everything was about drawing defined images. Recently, I became interested in deconstructing human figures to search for shapes. Later, I draw those shapes on bidimensional surfaces to create tangible and intangible dimensions.  There is a space that connects what is seen and that what is imagined; I chose the human body as a reference because it mysteriously and instinctively recognizes that space. I like to go over and over again into a painting,  addressing it in a cold and mechanical manner; removing my feelings as much as I can and allowing the artwork to reveal its own personality.  The art-making process is followed by moments of letting go.  That’s when the space between here and there is created: it’s a moment when the process has become an endless art piece.”

Born in Maracaibo, Venezuela 1979
Live and works in Des Moines IA

BFA Maharishi university of Management. Fairfield, IA  2015
BA Media and Communications Maharishi University of Management 2015
Escuela de Arte Neptalí Rincón, Advanced Stone Sculpture Research. Maracaibo, Venezuela  2000-2001
Escuela de Arte Armando Reverón, Carving Stone Studio. Barcelona, Venezuela  2000-2001
Escuela de Arte Armando Reverón,  Drawing & Painting Studio. Barcelona, Venezuela 1998-1999

Rectified: A method to unveil the unseen. University of Iowa Hospitals, Iowa City, Iowa City December 2016- March 2017
Toll: an American mulct. Gravitate, Des Moines IA, December 2016-February 2017

Americana, Viaduct Gallery, Des Moines Social Club, Des Moines IA, July 2016
Art House, River Bend Tour of Historic Homes, Des Moines, IA, April 2016
Winter Show, Moberg Gallery, Des Moines, IA, 2015
BFA Show, Unity Gallery Fairfield, IA, 2015
Flying Leap Gallery Fairfield, IA, 2013
Teeple & Hansen Gallery Fairfield, IA, 2012
Painting Cans Madrid, Spain, 2009
Green Art Fair: Art Basel Miami, FL, 2008
Associates show: Artformz Gallery at the Wynwood Art District Miami, FL, 2008
Metamorphosis: Alt Space Gallery Coral Gables, FL, 2008
Art & Music by local refugees for World Refugee Day: Fort Lauderdale,FL
African American Research Library 2007
Three Artists Three Visions: Millenia Atlantic University Doral, FL, 2007
II Mega Exposición de Venezuela: Museo Alejandro Otero Caracas, Venezuela, 2005
Alicia para un cuento venezolano: Museo de los niños Lechería, Venezuela, 2004
VII Salón Regional de Jóvenes Artistas: Escuela de Arte Armando Reverón Barcelona, Venezuela, 2002
VI Salón Regional de Jóvenes Artistas: Galería de Arte Consejo Legislativo Regional Barcelona, Venezuela, 2001