Wednesday, June 13 2018 • 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm • Mulberry Room

Full Session // $90

Age: Teen/Young Adult


This class has a minimum registration number. 

May 23rd ¦ May 30th ¦ June 6th ¦ June 13th ¦ June 20th ¦ June 27th

This will be a six week course that covers the basics of recording, structuring, and editing audio documentaries using cell phones and open source editing software. There will be an emphasis on experimentation that simultaneously acknowledges the nontraditional nature of using cell-phones and stresses the craftsmanship and conceptual framework of the final pieces. An introduction to the following topics will be covered through the course:

–  Storytelling (why, genre, ethics, structure)

–  Ethics (disclosure, subjectivity, appropriation)

–  Gathering sound (listening, asking questions, using the voice, using music, limitations of a cell phone)

–  Editing (using the software, exporting,effects, etc.)

–  Class time will be spent discussing the above ideas, doing technical tutorials and demonstrations, and listening to examples from established audio producers.

Participants will need to provide 1) a cell phone with voice recording capabilities 2) a laptop and the willingness to download audacity onto it and 3) over-the-ear headphones.

About the Artist: Spivey Knapik is an artist and indie audio producer currently living and working in Des Moines. She is the former director of WXYC Reports on WXYC Chapel Hill, 89.3 (North Carolina). Since moving to Des Moines two years ago she has been producing for a handful of local podcasts, engineering sound for The Black Lunch Table, making art, and volunteering with the Iowa Coalition of the New Sanctuary Movement.