Thursday, April 4 2019 • 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm • Culinary Loft

Cost // $45
Date // April 4th
Registration Deadline // April 2nd

A class on Dim Sum a traditional cuisine served with tea on weekend mornings. We will be focusing mainly on these tapa like dishes and also some other traditional dishes from -aroundsoup-dumplings-7-585x389 China.


-Pre-Appetizer: Turnip Cakes

-Xiao Long Bao (soup filled dumplings)

-Shrimp wontons In Spicy Sauce

-Pork Buns

-Pork and Chive Dumplings




Cassandra lived in New York City from 2006-2013. This is where she discovered her passion for the many different cuisines from around the world. She graduated from the Iowa Culinary Institute at DMACC in 2015. She is personal Chef for many small businesses in the Des Moines area. Her favorite cuisine to cook at home is Traditional Sichuan Cuisine from North Western China.