Tuesday, August 28 2018 • 6:00 pm - 7:30 pm • Art Studio
Color Therapy
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Cost: $25
Class Description: 
It’s well established that colors have a profound effect on our mood, so imagine how enjoyable it would be to spend some time with your favorite colors. Take a little time for yourself in this 90-minute class. We will begin with color mixing basics and then move into mixing and creating mood boards that are aesthetically pleasing to each student. There’s no drawing or painting experience required in this stress-free zone.
The Des Moines Social Club is passionate about creating accessible arts and culture opportunities for all members of the Des Moines community. For a scholarship application, please email education@desmoinessocialclub.org.
About the Instructor:
Meg Honeck is a freelance artist and art educator who works with children and adults alike to foster a love of creating. After teaching in and out of classrooms for over five years, Meg knows a little about everything from ceramics to book making, and everything in between. Meg holds two degrees, in elementary art education and studio arts with a focus in photography, from the University of Iowa.