Tuesday, December 18 2018 • 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm • Culinary Loft

(Photo Credit: Clemen Wilcox) 

Cost // $40
Date // December 18th

Ajiaco Santafereño (pronounced: Ah-hee-ah-koh Sahn-tah-fay-ray-gno) is a traditional soup from Latin America. We will cook the Colombian version. Ajiaco is especially popular in Colombia’s capital city, Bogotá. This is a perfect soup for winter easy to prepare. Taste a new spice and enjoy new flavors. Live music will be performed at the event by Colombian singer Karin Stein. Karin also serves on the board of the Latino Center of Iowa

About the Artist: Clemen Wilcox is originally from Colombia. She loves Colombian food and Colombian traditions. These passions have encouraged her to learn how to cook Colombian traditional recipes and share them with friends and family. This is the second time Clemen teaches to an audience that is not familiar with this plate how to make this wonderful soup. Other than food, Clemen loves music, dancing and volunteering for organizations that want to improve her community. She is part of the Board of Directors of the Latino Center of Iowa, and other Boards in town.