Wednesday, December 19 2018 • 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm • Culinary Loft
Cost //  $90 Full Session or $35 Drop In
Dates // December 5th – December 19th
Ages // 21+

It doesn’t matter if you love the holidays or hate being cooped up with your family, these drinks will get you feeling some type of way. 

Hot Drinks (12/5): mulled wine, cider, toddies — if its cozy, you’ll learn a good recipe and then we’ll spike it as needed. 

Decadent (12/12): sounds better than calling it a “creamy class.” We’re making flips, eggnog, well dressed russians and, of course, drinking us some Bailey’s. The drinks will be rich, but never cloyingly sweet. 

Sparkling (12/19): if we’re going to toast the Champagne of Beers at BASH on NYE (a beautiful tradition), we’re going to have to get our fill of bubbly beforehand. 

About the Artist: Karli’s been spending her time in bars (for fun and for money) since 2013, asking questions and trying everything she can with a complete disregard for her own safety. She graduated from Iowa State University with a BFA in 2016 at which time she knew she was definitely going to make her living imbibing others. After time in beer halls, venues, and cruddy breweries, she somehow talked the beverage director at Proof into letting her join their team in 2017. Since then, she’s been aggressively consuming all the knowledge (and liquor) she can get her hands on, buying/borrowing/stealing every cocktail book she comes across. She’s not above bribing her students to like her in the form of take-home gifts — specifically shrubs.