Thursday, August 3 2017 • 6:15 pm - 7:15 pm • Movement Studio
Full 8-week Session: $8020160428_190829
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Single Session: $15

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A beginner breakdancing class teaching the basic foundation of the dance along with history of the Hip Hop culture. This class will cover basic toprocking, footwork, freezes, transitions, and power in a fun and safe environment.


Anthony San has been bB9317846707Z.1_20150624120121_000_G16B43BEV.1-0reakdancing for over 5 years, since March of 2008, after being influenced by local dancers in Floor Spiders Crew.

His group Harding Breakerz went to Washington DC to perform at The White House on May 25th.  They were the only Iowa school representing at Turnaround Arts talent show. They were invited to DC after their performance last year for the President of Turnaround Arts and actor Kal Penn when they visited Harding Middle School, which is one of the few Iowa schools for Turnaround Arts program

He has performed in breakdancing competitions in cities all over the Midwest since 2009, and performing locally at events such as CelebrAsian 2010-2011, IMMAWII 2011, Iowa Youth Congress 2011, ISU Latin Fest 2011, Convoy of Hope 2011, ArtFest 2012, and Minorities on the Move 2012-2013. He has also street performed in Leipzig, Germany and competed in Chemnitz, Germany.