Friday, March 15 2019 • 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm • The Basement

Cost// $60 (includes custom etched bourbon glass)
Date// March 15th
Age// 21+ 

Bourbon didn’t come into the world fully formed, it was a long evolutionary process.  We will explore the roots of America’s native spirit, looking briefly at the some of the most important people in the history of the spirit. Once we’ve learned about the history of bourbon, we’ll talk about how bourbon made and who makes it.  Considering the current bourbon boom we’ll also talk about bourbon’s expansion and the role of the craft distiller.

Before we get to actually taste our bourbon, we’ll learn a little bit about reading a bourbon label – what does it mean to be produced, what’s so special about Lawrenceburg, IN, and why is Templeton such a controversial brand? Finally, we get to the most important part of any discussion of bourbon, the tasting!  No opinions are wrong, and all feedback is welcome.  Do you taste caramel? Vanilla?  Or just alcohol?  A fun and informative class, that gives you whiskey at the end is just what the doctor ordered in the midst of Americas bourbon boom!

About the Artist: Michael Kelly is an Iowa native, Army veteran, and self-taught bourbon explorer. Following his first trip to Bourbon country in 2017, in which he toured all the distilleries on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, Michael’s passion for the history, quality, flavor and people of whiskey continues to grow. Michael has since toured 43 distilleries in 6 states and has an expanding bourbon collection of over 275 different bottles. Among his favorite libations are: Stagg Jr, Weller Antique 107. A former Cyclone, Michael lives in Des Moines with his lovely and patient wife Vanessa and super-dog, Kal-El.