Tuesday, October 2 2018 • 4:30 pm - 7:00 pm • Art Studio

Beginning Sculpture Mask making

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Class Cost: $150

Age Range: Middle School – High School

This beginning class will teach students how to create masks using paper mache medium from scratch. The foundations of 3D art will be taught as we create our armature, build up our forms and shape the desired exterior. We will be creating two masks (one of our favorite animal and the other a mythical monster or one from imagination) spread over 8 classes. Early humans once found animals sacred for what amazing abilities they possessed. Birds could soar the skies, fish could swim the depths of the sea, and elephants and other large mammals for their strength etc; Humans became greedy, wanting to possess it all and in the end became something else. Mask making has been a long human tradition globally in all cultures and with Halloween as well as Thanksgiving coming along, it is the perfect project for any young adult to enhance technical skill as well as explore their imaginations while creating some great pieces of art in the end too. No prior experience is necessary and each class is two hours and thirty minutes long. Please bring references of your favorite animal and something to write with.

About the Artist: LeoAngelo is a painter/illustrator and obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Studio Arts from San Diego State University in his hometown. He has published three children’s books and is currently illustrating a medical book for his client while on commission for a painting. His passion besides art is teaching… Art… Which he has eight years of experience and his love of teaching and creation translates well in his students.