Saturday, November 25 2017 • 8:00 pm - 11:59 pm • Kum & Go Theater

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Ancient Posse

“Enigmatic and eclectic are words we use to describe the puzzling, unknown and hard to classify. When something comes along that has familiarity yet is completely foreign in its overall presentation, we are determined to make sense of it. We spend an exorbitant amount of time trying to figure out what it is that is stumping us so we can put our finger on it. When we fail to recognize the anomaly, we are often surprised, impressed and elated by its newness. Ancient Posse does that. Ancient Posse brings a contemporary, innovative sound, breathing originality into the Des Moines music scene. Blurring genre lines by combining elements of R&B, trip-hop, acid jazz and dream pop, Ancient Posse is definitely hard to classify.” –Brian Campos, Pants OFF! Podcast


MAIDS’ original style of Midwest Disco is all about bringing people together in one place to have a good time and get immersed in waves of electronic dance pop. Whether the music is experienced through headphones or dancing at a live show, Danny Heggen and Mickey Davis have developed a homegrown, Midwestern concoction that reminds all of us that life, simply put, is awesome.


Midwest power pop trio, making you believe in rock and roll again! On October 21st, Midwest based band SIRES will be releasing their debut album Soul for Sale on Station 1 Records. The collection, produced by Brandon Darner (Imagine Dragons, Holy White Hounds, Envy Corp), is a refreshing reminder that rock n’ roll can be both brash and heart-breakingly seductive.


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Kum & Go Theater // Doors 7:30PM // Show 8PM // Advance Tickets $8 // Day of Show Tickets $10