Saturday, December 2 2017 • 2:00 pm - 4:30 pm • Kum & Go Theater

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Rediscover the Americas through this unique multicultural music and storytelling concert.  Enter the lives of three strong women from North and South America as they and their four musical colleagues – all of mixed Native, African, and European heritages – draw you into a musical and poetic exploration of how the universal experiences of migration, suffering, work, love, sense of place, and celebration are expressed in the Western Hemisphere.  Americas3 bonds Native lullabies with the poetry of Maya Angelou, connects Jazz and Salsa, and gives a voice to Roots music Rock & Roll!

Join us following the concert for a discussion with the Artists!

A multicultural, poetic concert that weaves connections and brings out commonalities.  A program in seven languages, performed by seven artists from both American continents.  A beautiful and fun exploration of what it means to be American.  

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Kum & Go Theater // 2 PM // $10 Students & Seniors // $15 General Admission

Brought to you by:

Humanities Iowa
Latino Center of Iowa
Des Moines Social Club
Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines