Monday, January 5 2015 • 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm • Des Moines Social Club Headquarters

Aerial Flexibility

Two Sessions:

January 5 – January 26

February 23 – March 16

Mondays 6:00 – 7:00pm

$35 for 4-week session, $10 drop-in

Registration Links:

Session running January 5 – 26

Session running February 23 – March 16

This class is designed to increase flexibility needed to prevent injuries and advance your existing aerial practice or can be nice way to ease into aerial. We use a variety of aerial apparatuses including aerial fabric, hammock, trapeze, and lyra (aerial hoop) to enhance your flexibility and take it to the next level, using active and static stretches. The focus is on body awareness, fitness, flexibility, and fun. Many variations are given for each exercise and stretch, which makes this class very conducive to all fitness and flexibility levels. No experience needed to take this class, all levels will benefit and enjoy.

Instructor Bio: Felicia Coe (Iowa Fly Girl) was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. She moved to Salt Lake City in her early twenties with her husband and trained in aerial arts, but like many young Iowa professionals found her way back home, to Des Moines. While the art scene in Des Moines was flourishing, there still wasn’t anything quite as thrilling as aerial being offered in the state. So Felicia developed her own program and began teaching classes becoming Iowa’s first aerial instructor.
Since then hundreds of Iowans had been introduced to the wonderful world of aerial through Felicia’s programs. Her aerial program was featured as one of the top workouts of 2013 by local WHO Channel 13 News as well as the top 10 workouts of 2014 by Juice Magazine. Felicia is the founder of the Aerial Arts and Fitness Association, the creator and producer of the AAFA’s Aerial Expo and Competition, and her determination and unique performance style earned the title of ‘Des Moines Best Local Artist’ by Cityview magazine in 2014.

Ages 14+

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