Wednesday, March 28 2018 • 7:15 pm - 8:30 pm • Movement Studio

Full Session // $80


Drop-in // $15

Feb. 7th ¦ Feb 14th ¦ Feb. 21st ¦ Feb. 28th ¦ Mar. 7th ¦ Mar. 14th ¦ Mar. 21st ¦ Mar. 28th

Drop-in’s must have prior instructor approval

BD15The Advanced class will expand on the foundations of American Tribal Style ® Belly Dance by layering movements on top of each other and learning how to create combos and incorporate more complex moves, and how to move in and out of formations to create an exciting and fully formed set. This class is for more advanced students of ATS® Belly Dance. Students will need to have completed 2 full sessions of Beginner ATS® Belly Dance or have the approval of the instructor before attending the advanced class. Students should wear something comfortable to move in and may bring a water bottle to class. Students will need a set of zills for class.

 About the Artist: Dawn Grey is an American Tribal Style® Belly Dancer, Certified Instructor, Fat Chance Belly Dance® Sister Studio, bd97and the Director of Blissful Sunrise Belly Dance and the performance troupe Seize The Sway. She has had a love of dance almost since before she could walk. She has been trained in ballet, tap, and jazz dance throughout her childhood, teens, and as a dance major in college. Then life stepped in. She is a devoted wife and mother of two who stopped dancing to get a job with health insurance. Fourteen years later she realized something was missing. It was then that she found ATS® Belly Dance and fell in love. She has not stopped since and loves to share her passion with others.


Drop-in students for the Advanced Class must have prior instructor approval.