Saturday, February 25 2017 • 10:00 am - 1:00 pm • Workshop

Whether you are just starting out, or a seasoned professional looking to make your work even better. this class is specifically designed to take you further toward excellence in your actor’s journey. While based on the teachings of Sanford Meisner, the class also makes use of exercises, insights and perspectives, including those drawn from the instructor’s own wide-ranging background and experience as a stage and screen actor and teacher of acting.

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JaJames-Serpentomes Serpento is one of the founding members of Kingman Row Entertainment and has worked in the entertainment industry across the United States for more than three decades, with several hundred productions for stage and screen to his credit, many of them award-winning. A devoted student and teacher of the principles and methods espoused by Sanford Meisner, James has continued to study and teach acting alongside his own professional acting career, as both an independent instructor and as a faculty member at several academic and other institutions (including Indiana University, where he achieved his MFA in Acting, and Valparaiso University, where he was an assistant professor.

He directed Los Angeles’ Eclectic Company Theatre’s Landscape of the Body (LA Ovation Award-nominated performance by Daphne Ashbrook of Dr. Who fame); and Two Gentlemen of Verona (LA Times “Critics Choice” – “an exceptionally intelligent, impassioned reading of a tricky play”) as well as Kaufman and Hart’s Once in a Lifetime for the Pasadena Shakespeare Company. He has directed many other works in regional theatres around the Midwest, including Buried Life at the Chicago Directors Festival, and All My Sons, God of Carnage, and Hughie at the Repertory Theater of Iowa. His film directing includes five short pieces (including There’s an Extra Patient in Room 207, for the Moines Moviemakers) and features The Yoofo Club and Haunting Vilisca (Best Feature, Iowa Independent Film Festival). As an actor, James has worked extensively in theatre, film, commercials, and industrials around the Midwest, including Chicago, Indianapolis, and Des Moines. He appears in the pilot episode of Bluebox Limited’s medical thriller. Spread, for MTV, as well as in their short film, Impulse. Other film appearances include The Final Season, Dead Awake, Sixteen to Life, Ash, The Investigation, and, most recently, Tunnels Above Ground.