May 24 | 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm


Cost // $45 Full Session or $25 Drop-in
Dates// May 24th & May 31st
Note// Previous Swing Dance experience required, drop-in allowed both dates. 

As swing dancers, we often learn how to dance at those medium tempos quite well… HOWEVER, when the music slows down of speeds up, we decide sit it out. We want to show you how to have fun no matter the speed of the song. Don’t sit down for the fast or slow songs because you aren’t sure what to do anymore! Join us to practice how to handle fast and slow swing dance tempos.

About the Artists: Travis & Jill are jitterbugs from Central Iowa who LOVE swing and the essence of the era in which it was born. They met in 2008, began dancing together shortly after, and have been cuttin’ a rug ever since. They specialize in Lindy Hop, East Coast, Charleston, Solo Jazz, Shag & Aerials. Travis & Jill enjoy dancing BIG and creating new dance moves each time they take to the floor.

The Belgardes compete occasionally in the Midwest. Most recently, they placed 2nd in the Showcase 

Competition and 2nd in the Fast Dance Battle Contest at Heartland Swing Festival (April 2017). Travis & Jill have been ambassadors of swing in Central Iowa by performing and teaching new dancers in Des Moines. They look forward to teaching new dancers and expanding the population of jitterbugs in the Midwest!

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