Say hello to Jami!

Name: Jami Graves
Employer: The Integer Group
Job Title: Senior Account Planner / Insights, Strategy & Ideation
Twitter Handle: @jamigraves

Q: How long have you been involved with the DMSC? What’s your role within the organization?
A: I’ve been involved since January 2010 when I joined the Board of Directors. Since mid-last year, I’ve served as the Marketing Chair and sat on the Executive Committee.

Q: Why are you a DMSC board member?
A: It was important for me to dedicate my time to a cause I believed in. Being a catalyst for arts within our community is where I feel I can best leverage my passion and talents.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about living in Des Moines?
A: The rituals I’ve developed within this city keep my soul alive — morning coffee hidden away at Zanzibar’s, Saturday mornings at the Farmer’s Market, the network of amazing creative individuals and a growing art and music scene will keep me here for years to come.

Q: What’s the best thing about Des Moines’ arts, culture, and entertainment community?
A: Being a part of the arts and culture community right now feels as though you’re in at ground zero. There is a tribe mentality at play in our community that emits an unprecedented energy — individuals putting forth blood, sweat and tears for what they believe in: art, writing, music, ballet… it’s special. And we shouldn’t take that passion for granted.

Q: Tell us a bit about your personal involvement with the arts?
A: I had my first “outing” as an artist during the Des Moines Social Club Out Your Artist event held in October of 2011. Four of my photographs hung on the walls of the Salisbury House. That served as catalyst for me to take responsibility for my medium and keep creating.

Q: What’s your favorite memory from a DMSC event?
A: DMSC put on an event last year on November 11 aptly named 11/11/11 that included 11 artists and 11 different mediums. It was an event held on a cold winter’s night in a vacant warehouse, but the community of individuals that came to celebrate art was exceptional. It wasn’t the biggest event, but it is one I remember feeling proud to be associated with.

Q: What upcoming DMSC event are you most looking forward to attending?
A: If you haven’t been to the Orchestrate Jazz Lunch Series, put it on your calendar for next Thursday, September 6 at the Des Moines Social Club from Noon to 1.

Q: In what other ways are you involved in the Des Moines community?
A: I’ve previously volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters, Everybody Wins Iowa and the Animal Rescue League. I’m an active attendee/participant at various arts & culture community events and do my best to introduce my young son to that rich and exciting culture as well.