We’re not out of great news yet … in fact, we’re just getting started. Here are some more updates to take with you headed into Turkey Day.

Remember, though, that we can’t open the doors to the Firehouse that will house all our amazing programs and events until we finish our last phase of fundraising — selling our custom engraved bricks that start at only $25. You can buy yours here.

Check out the details below on 18 (you read that right … 18!) of our forthcoming programs that will live in the Prairie Meadows Courtyard and the Kum & Go Theater. And we’ll of course continue to share more info with you in the coming weeks between now and the NYE Bash!

First of all, we couldn’t be more proud to honor the firefighters who used to call the Firehouse home. We’re partnering with Liz Lidgett Fine Art to commission the Firefighter’s Memorial — which will be located in the former fire hose drying area of the building. Working with local firemen and women, the memorial will feature artwork from local talent and mementos from former Des Moines firefighters.

Once a parking lot for the firefighters, the area between the two fire station buildings will be transformed into a multipurpose courtyard capable of holding up to 700 people for outdoor events. Along with a stage for musical and theatrical performances, the courtyard will also be home to a giant projection screen for showing movies (local and non), projection art and whatever other events may come our way.

Also in the works are hydroponic gardens made out of shipping containers. DMSC wants to serve all art forms, and gardening is often overlooked. These containers will provide fresh herbs and vegetables to local restaurants and provide a teaching space for gardening and agriculture.

Last but certainly not least, we’re excited to announce the Kum & Go Theater — a black box theater within the rear building of the property. Its location formerly served as the Des Moines Fire Department’s maintenance shop. This space has no fixed stage or seating, and it can instead be arranged to uniquely suit each individual event. Between their own productions and events managed by community partners within the Kum & Go Theater, the DMSC is really looking forward to carrying on the tradition of its established theater that existed in our previous locations.

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone!


In the Prairie Meadows Courtyard:

Correct Flow 3: Color Codes
This aerosol art exhibition, run by Asphate, will feature 25+ hand selected local, regional and internationally recognized graffiti writers working over a two-day period to produce large-scale works of art for public view. Each participant will have free creative direction in their development of imagery, background, characters or classic graffiti letter pieces — but they’ll only be permitted to use the spray can as a medium, and they must incorporate a color palette established by that event’s administrator. The second day of the exhibition will feature workshops for graffiti art beginners — featuring live DJ and musical production performances and an open B-Boy cipher.

Live From The Courtyard
Local, regional and national acts will grace the outdoor stage of the courtyard for live musical performances.

Dinner, Music & a Movie — Oh My!
Bring chairs or a blanket and enjoy a performance by a local band or musician — followed by the screening of a film on the outdoor screen. From metal to jazz, cult classics to TV series finales, the perfect date night has arrived.

Mobile Art Truck
The Mobile Art Gallery will live in a repurposed shipping truck that can drive into any neighborhood and reach out to communities not actively engaged with DMSC. Working with neighborhood associations and other community leaders, the Mobile Art Truck will roll into the neighborhood, set up and throw a party that features visual art, live performances and an open forum with a provided meal where attendees can discuss what they’d like to see at DMSC.

Life-Size Board Games
The only thing better than playing Battleship? Playing human-sized Battleship. Water balloons required.

The 2014 edition will mark the second installment of this annual summertime event. The DMSC will transform the courtyard into an interactive sensory overload of work by local painters, photographers, musicians, actors, new media artists … and anyone else who shows up.

Food for Thought
The Des Moines Social Club’s annual fundraising party, featuring the introduction of MALO, live music, collaborative art pieces and much more. Proceeds go directly toward DMSC programming and renovation.

Fire + Music + Party = Fireball. A party in the courtyard that features live fire performances from the world renowned Pyrotechniq fir troupe from Chicago — along with live music, painting and more.
In the Kum & Go Theater:

DMSC Theater Co.
DMSC Theater Co. will produce a variety of politically and socially relevant theatre that is accessible to the public. They strive to create work that challenges and entertains the audience — while inspiring unprecedented community engagement, social responsibility and creativity.

Iowa School of Burlesque
The Iowa School of Burlesque is the premiere burlesque university in the state of Iowa. Started in 2011 by Headmistress Phoenix L’Amour, it has been Central Iowa’s headquarters for burlesque education, performance and opportunity.
More information at http://www.iowaschoolofburlesque.com

The Bash
Ring in the new year with one of the first events at the DMSC’s new Firehouse home. The Bash features live music, interactive art, light shows and tons of surprises throughout the night.

Repertory Theater of Iowa
DMSC’s professional resident ensemble theater company will be dedicated to the production of high quality classic theatre and innovative productions for the 2014 – 2015 season.

3X Wrestling
Central Iowa’s independent professional wrestling company, 3XW presents live wrestling events each month in the Kum & Go Theater.

Des Moines Metro Opera
Des Moines Metro Opera will present a 90-minute adaptation of one of the world’s most familiar and well-known operas: Bizet’s Carmen, adapted by Peter Brook. This performance is part of the DMMO’s 2nd Stage Series, which is designed to expose audiences to this remarkable art form through operatic presentations in unorthodox spaces.

Des Moines Onstage
The DMO Children’s Theater — a children’s theater group focusing on social awareness that is comprised of all student performers — will produce plays and musicals for the 2014 season.

Midnight Movies
On closing night of each DMSC Theater Co., the DMSC will present a screening of a related film — either from the era in which the play was set or related to the play’s content.

Late Night Bauhaus
Once the stage has cleared on the last Friday of every DMSC Theater Co. performance run, the DMSC will present a new piece of cutting-edge theater for one night only.

… and in both locations:

A local band performs over the screening of a classic film of their choice to provide the experience of the way in which silent films were originally presented.