We have keys. That means many things. Keys to the building, for sure, but we have keys to all of the great art that will be made in this town. So many people have helped make this building happen, and there is so much more art to share in that space. We hope you will come and join us to celebrate this major event in Des Moines’ history, as together we open this incubator to unlock all of the artistic potential our city has.

Food for Thought on April 4 (limited tickets on sale today at 3:15pm via Midwestix) is your only chance to see the firehouse before construction begins. It’s our first party in the space and it’s not going to be any old dinner. No no. In typical DSMC fashion, we’re combining two parties into one to kill the idea that Des Moines is a high school and only certain people socialize with certain people. We’re all in this together, and no better way to celebrate that than to break bread and kegs together. We’ve got the keys to do it.

Come unlock the madness that is about to begin.


Click here to buy tickets for $20/$100 to Food for Thought.