If you are interested in booking a show at the Social Club, email us at booking@desmoinessocialclub.org.

General policies are listed below, but as an organization we are open to all ideas.

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The Des Moines Social Club takes pride in offering unconventional programming in a variety of mediums. Part music venue, part art gallery, part culinary school, part a few other things, The Club carves out a niche in Des Moines’ cultural offerings as a space for new performances, interdisciplinary collaboration, and artist experimentation from performers both new and established. As a result, we search for ideas from motivated performers for producing original presentations of their work, be it a residency, themed night, multimedia collaboration, or other types of work specific to the space.

For regular concerts: Since the spaces are open only for events (as opposed to a traditional bar or restaurant with set hours), we do not have a large walk-in crowd. As a result, we will work with your band to find a day of the week and time that is mutually beneficial for the Social Club and the artist. We offer limited in-house promotion, but we also have put together a road map of things you can to do promote your show once booked.

Usually, we book a headliner and ask them to fill out the rest of the bill. That being said, if you are an up and coming artist we will do our best to find open slots for you or pair you up with other bands for a bill at the Social Club. As an organization, we believe very strongly in artist development, so we will work with you during the process to find opportunities for you to get involved.

Please send an EPK (and if you don’t have an EPK put together yet, we highly suggest you create one) along with the date(s) you are looking to book to booking@desmoinessocialclub.org. Keep in mind we generally book out 3 to 4 months in advance for weekends and 2 to 3 months for weeknights, so you’ll generally have a better chance at finding a show if you have a few different options for dates.

We book in several venues, and we favor submissions that take into account the venue while discussing content of the event.


The Kum & Go Theater

We transformed the main floor of the Maintenance Shop into a black box theater – no fixed stage or seating. The space has a large, professional sound system ideal for concerts designed larger in scope than those in The Basement, film screenings, dance performances, and the like.

Capacity: 400

Availability: Very limited (based on Theater companies’ production schedules, inquire with Program Manager for availability).


The Courtyard

Once a parking lot for the firefighters, the area between the two fire station buildings has been transformed into a multipurpose courtyard capable of holding up to 700 people for outdoor events. While this event holds a permanent stage, it does not currently have a sound system, so events in the Courtyard are larger in scope and undertaking than in any other facility. Should you have interest in a Courtyard event, please contact the Program Manager for further information.


The Handball Court

Originally built as just that (a handball court), we have taken out the drop ceilings and false walls, cleaned the wood floors, and added a grid system for aerial acrobatic classes and hanging artwork to re-create the Handball Court as it was originally built with a little touch of our own.

The unique dimensions and natural reverb found in the Handball Court prompted us to reserve this room for our most eclectic programming. Dubbed the “Experimental Gallery,” this room is home to groundbreaking work in all mediums, from large-scale visual installations to noise music concerts and everything in between.

Capacity: 50

PA System available

Availability: Limited (based on class schedules, please contact Program Manager for dates)


The Basement

The Basement is the most-often used space for DMSC Programming. Located in the basement of the Kum & Go Theater, the space has a capacity of 201 (around 120 or so seated) and is ideal for small bands, jazz combos, comedy nights, poetry slams, and the like. PLEASE NOTE: Due to sound constraints, the Basement cannot be used during Theater performances. Shows usually take place between 5:30 and 7:30 (happy hour) and 9:30 – late. On nights without theater performances, we aim for 7:00 and 10:00 shows.

Availability: Inquire with Program Manager